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Different Materials for Kitchen Cabinets and the Benefits of Customisation

Different Materials for Kitchen Cabinets and the Benefits of Customisation

When asked what improvement they’d like to see in their kitchen after a major renovation, most homeowners would almost instantly say new appliances, a more elegant-looking benchtop, and feature lighting. Perhaps they’d be thrilled to see cutting-edge technology incorporated to the design for added sophistication. What tends to be overlooked are the most visual elements, such as the cabinets.

The most noticeable feature of the kitchen, the cabinets deserve to be a top priority when planning a renovation. Builders who specialise in kitchen renovations in Sydney such as East West Kitchens are there to help come up with an overhaul plan that will create your dream kitchen. The design has to do with both the kitchen’s overall aesthetics and functionality. After all, without cabinets, a kitchen simply won’t be complete. It would be best to find answers to questions like “What material is used for kitchen cabinets?” and “Why is it advisable to customise?” during the planning stage for best results.


Why Customise

Kitchen cabinets have come a long way from being subtle mobile containers that occasionally moves around with other appliances to stationary fixtures heavily accessorised with ornate cuts and trims. Kitchen cabinetry became an obsession during the Renaissance that its manufacturing swiftly turned into a booming industry, driving the explosion of designs and styles as a result. Even today, you’ll find many cabinet makers selling off-the-rack items to homeowners who desire instantaneous transformation for their kitchen.

As lovely as they are, these ready-made masterpieces are not suitable for everyone. They may not come as a welcome addition to your kitchen as well. Either they will appear awkwardly out of place or they will affect the efficiency of your kitchen. This is why most interior designers recommend customisation. In fact, when they propose kitchen layouts and designs to homeowners, they see to it that a specific style of kitchen cabinet is included.

Customisation offers so many benefits. You get to have the cabinets that you like, you can select the colour, accessories, and sizes fit to your kitchen’s overall design. Since the renovation is entirely up to you, you are free to choose the best material to use for kitchen cabinets. Of course, unless you are a fine builder yourself, it’s wise to follow the advice of a kitchen design expert, and that usually includes a glimpse to the best materials used for kitchen cabinets.


Recommended Materials for Kitchen Cabinets

Back in the day, timber cabinets with glass panes and brass trims were the only available option. With new equally if not more durable and visually appealing materials present on today’s market, which make up the latest kitchen styles, you have more choices to explore. Here are some of the common kitchen cabinet materials apart from timber that you can choose from when you are customising your kitchen.


Particle Board

A material made of sawdust and waste wood, particle board still offers a wooden appeal but for a much cheaper price. The only disadvantage of this material is its low quality and performance. It cannot carry too much weight in case you are considering hanging cabinets for your kitchen.


Medium-Density Fibreboard

Almost similar to particle board, MDF is also wood-based. The only difference is that the wood particles and fibres are glued together with resin and hot-pressed, resulting in a dense but light plates with smooth finish. Because it uses resin as adhesive, DMU is resistant to termites and other pests. MDF is indeed one of the best kitchen cabinet material options.

Find Out Your Kitchen Cabinet Material Options

Now that you know some of the different materials for kitchen cabinets, you can better think out your kitchen remodelling project. Make sure to get in touch with the team at East West Kitchens and take advantage of their advice. The quality of your kitchen renovation project depends on it.

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