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Things to Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen

Things to Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen

Renovating Your Kitchen—It’s Not as Easy as You Think

Of all the rooms in your house, the kitchen is probably the most visited one. It’s where you prepare food for the family, wash the dishes, sort out the groceries, and sometimes entertain friends for some foody chat. Investing in your kitchen’s look and functionality can prove to be beneficial, especially in turning boring and arduous kitchen work into a worthwhile experience. What better way to achieve that than to carry out a kitchen renovation.

  • When to Renovate

  • Some homeowners renovate their kitchen for practical reasons, such as when safety or efficiency issues arise, while others do it for self-indulgence. If you’re one who only invests when it produces substantial return, then here are some signs that a kitchen reno is perhaps due.


  • Rising Electricity Bill

  • Although this is an issue that can be addressed by renovating your entire house, a few upgrades in your kitchen can be a good start. You can add skylights to improve natural lighting and lessen the need for artificial lighting. You can also consider replacing old appliances with newer, energy-saving models.


  • Personal Preference

  • Everyone’s preferences are different, and the kitchen is no exception. Some want their kitchen looking simple with only the basic amenities, while others want a complete MasterChef style layout, complete with a breakfast bar, stone benchtops, plenty of storage space, and a butler’s pantry. If you feel you need some of these add-ons then a kitchen reno could be on the cards for you.


  • Deterioration

  • Look for obvious signs of deterioration, such as loose and sagging hanging cupboards, large cracks on countertops, and heavily corroded plumbing. Any of those signs is a good reason to call in the experts at East West Kitchens to give you some ideas on what needs fixing or replacing, and what a kitchen renovation costs.


  • Space Efficiency

  • Do you feel like you have to literally walk around the centre counter just to reach the stove from your sink? Does the fridge door block someone’s path even when only open halfway? Feel like nothing is ever where you need it at the time you do? If you can identify any of these issues, it’s high time to look at some updating to improve the efficiency of your kitchen space.


Considerations for Kitchen Remodelling

The success of a kitchen renovation project relies on how well each step of the process is carried out, and meticulously each piece of the project is put together. Below are some of the most important things to consider before and during your kitchen remodelling project.

  • Timeframe

  • Keeping a little flexible on the timeframe is a good idea for a kitchen renovation project. Projects like this can be complex, and once started can uncover some hidden things that need rectification. Adding rigid time constraints only imposes added pressure on the contractors, which can result sometimes in shortcuts being taken. We want to avoid shortcuts at all costs on a kitchen rebuild. You might need to consider ordering food from a local takeaway throughout the duration of the project, or perhaps you can assign another area in your home as a temporary kitchen.


  • Budget

  • Kitchen renovations are not the lowest cost reno projects, so be sure to understand the full costs before commencing. Some people fall into the trap of starting one section of the renovation, and then find that they are out of funds to complete important sections as the arise or are uncovered. Therefore, plan the funding in advance and start saving early.


  • Contractor

  • While a few savings can be made when you go DIY, and this can be tempting, putting your kitchen’s fate in the hands of expert kitchen renovators should be is a non-negotiable option. The kitchen renovation is perhaps one of the most complex of the home projects, so we suggest if you want to tackle a project yourself, start with something like a deck or bedroom. You will find that using the experts from East West Kitchens, your project will be completed much sooner than if you did you’re yourself, and at a significantly higher standard. Additionally, your renovation project will be fully insured when you use a licensed contractor.

To obtain more information on your kitchen renovation project, to get some remodelling ideas or a quote on renovating your kitchen, contact the experts at East West Kitchens on 1300 998 699 or send an inquiry through our contact page.

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